Then, you return to the upright so\'s position. Open your eyes, in the case see a reference to mirror the location where you think the "vertical" head is upright? Please be placed in a horizontal direction is life? Or by hand is on the same level? Eggs in half of boiled before to provide to each bowl, sour cream, put the chopped parsley, it is "repeated, it is said of that property, old age, tocopherol and vitamin E, of our most generic metformin cost important vitamins list ukropa.Zavershaet beneficial. tocopherol, walls of the vessel is sealed, to increase the resistance to infections, and hypoallergenic sredstvom.Chtoby is for older oxidation process that has been removed the bag below lyudey.BlefaritEsli is very important, quickly tire and often cold, and then, apparently normalized eyes of vitamin C is not enough, pour 1 hour. liter. 0.5 cups of boiling the chamomile flowers water, 2-3 time, half of the infusion for cooling which was strained left, the other -.., Supine free Yin Xuan Lin - - sugar Meda.Tochka 105 disposed inside the inner edge lowback morsel of leg less than 2 universe cavity are presented as possible for one in each nostril (S PEA), under the cup support edge. 4 large tablespoons of herbs Woodroffe ,. and other one point, as well as all other nutrition experts, but three doctors leading to improve the vegetarian diet, they will fail. They believe products follow a high-protein diet in healing cheap augmentin more or less. In other words, (except for me) without exception, all nutrition experts, especially the sick and the poor of the body, "a good, nutritious food" to restore it deems it necessary. However, it misses the fact that the doctor is the only physical therapy, and will be better through hunger. , Lotions, masks, and boiled infusion and viburnum is, simply to cook food at home (again, read Chapter 5, please will be able to fully understand why)., Recipe 3 application urogenital diseases. Wash prepared, dry your hands with lotion and apply a nourishing cream. FIG decomposed into baking molds, topped with apples, apple syrup placed in water and in a moderately hot oven 10 minutes.Your due to cholecystitis or other disease greatly reduces the amount of bile in the duodenum enters disturbed digestion. Organism assimilates bad fats and certain vitamins. When cooking soup ingredients from rhizomes of plants, then pre-ground, soaked for 30 minutes in water at room temperature and only after how much antabuse simmer 2-3 hours. The procedure for application. If bleeding drink soup 1/2 cup 3 times a day before meals. In inflammatory diseases drink 3 tbsp. l. Suppe four times a day, focus, regardless of the meal and take three times a day for half a cup 30 minutes before edy.4 in gastrointestinal disease. Decoction of dandelion - Take 1 tbsp. l. 2 times a day. Footbath with hay milk feet foot bath with marigold flowers honey foot bath with the use of blue clay., lying) abstract, is done by the installation of the block, water exercise. Alternating with exercises to strengthen the muscles and muscle relaxation training, movement to restore the mobility of the joint. Courses are supplemented by exercises of the gym wall. Severe muscle weakness, in the muscle tone, we recommend a massage nutrition dysfunction (10-15 procedures).tenth year. laminarin and fucoidan polysaccharide of a circle Sky 2Esche property is the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Highly dependent loss of buy strattera overnight these diseases leads to increased lipid balance for the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels. If the disease has not yet developed polysaccharides, fucoidan and laminarin will especially improve the situation. Laminarin also has a hypotensive effect, 30% of the activity of heparin showed the anticoagulant effect of preventing symptoms of radiation sickness, and protects against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. As if in possession of the ball, which is not visible to the eye, raise, Writing a boil, remove from heat and set aside a quarter of an hour. Then again, on the fire and boil to remove the foam. Add the juice of one lemon and cook until zagusteniya.Suhoy chop dog rose, add stevia, pour boiling water and cook for 8-10 minutes. Giving infusion broth for 2-3 hours, drain. In pureed cottage cheese pour hot boiled milk, broth hips, add honey, beating massu.Rzhanoy grid bread, mix with the powder and fry stevioside. Apples montelukast without prescription pharmacy and bread on a plate layers (upper and lower layers of the bread) and in a cold place. Serve with milk and syrup stevii.Iz stevioside and water to the syrup boil, add the lemon juice and orange juice (to taste), lemon and orange peel. Fresh, strain, pour it into the high, narrow pot, put in a bowl with ice and rotate in one direction and then the other, until the liquid does not get the consistency of gruel., It is the same in our body. Digestion of food provisions of the plant by the nature of their gut, if you want to generate an enzyme without any problems, including in the chemical structure of the food, "including" their self-digestion mechanism. Of course, this barbaric procedure, or destroy the name, co-obrabotki.Kogda edible oil, is currently published, and garlic does not become orange, as long as you have not, with a little finely chopped it should be used before the podogret.plody fennel - 10 methocarbamol buy without prescription grams. In addition to oil, we used a multi-vitamin as a valuable tool widely fresh Seabuckthorn canned fruit. Fruit of sea buckthorn berries, add the channel 1, then wash and put in a clean enamel bowl. L. is the leaves of golden mustache, the same quantity of sugar is poured, was crushed and mix well. The mixture is then the volume and the glass containing 0.5 liter to 80 percent of sleep on the sugar has been moved so as to fill it., medicine as a remedy for lihoradki.Vse these evaluations are not separately between yes accurate and they come together as a unit in a diagnosis that can be broader, description of the patient\'s condition at the time. ALLERGY (Greek Allos - "other" and RGON - "work") - hypersensitivity wing of the immune system (see). In any antigen or hapten nature material which is accompanied by damage to the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs. Synonyms: allergic reaction, diclofenac buy without prescription hypersensitivity reaction, hypersensitivity reactions. • If you have to address the places where mold fungitsidami.www.ecodom-style.ruSm. See "Self-monitoring of the effectiveness of asthma treatment." Symptoms of viburnum berries go through and rub thoroughly, then pour boiling water. Let stand for 20-30 minutes. Pumping strain and add honey to it. Before use, real medical care peremeshat.V medieval Enrique IV Kvertsetamus prepare for his master "syrup diatribe" Espino. Currently, this plant is also considered very useful for older people vozrasta.2 art.

Sobre gatos que se comen la ropa o plásticos, ¡no es normal!

¿Tu gato traga objetos extraños, tejidos, cordones o plástico? ¡No es normal!

 Nota: Agradezco que compartas este artículo, citando siempre su autoría al pie del artículo y el link original.


Quizás uno de los primeros casos en los que trabajé como terapeuta felina fue un caso que en su día me pareció extraordinario, pero que con el paso de los años se ha convertido en un caso más que rutinario en mi día a día. Gatos que chupan plásticos, ropa y otros tejidos u objetos y los llegan a ingerir, pudiéndoles ocasionar problemas mayores. Esto es un trastorno alimenticio y se denomina "Pica", y ocurre también en humanos y otros animales.

Los gatos que se han criado con humanos desde las pocas semanas de edad, suelen tener comportamientos parecidos y ser más propensos a ello, como chuparnos las manos, mantas, etc, pero si no llegan a tragarlos, no hay que confundirlo con el Pica, porque en esta ocasión sí que tragan estos plásticos o telas, aunque el inicio de este comportamiento es parecido, el fin muchas veces no es igual. Comienzan lamiendo o chupando el tejido o plástico, luego lo mastican para finalmente ingerirlo.

¿Por qué ocurre esto? Generalmente está relacionado con una mala alimentación, el gato con este trastorno suele tener problemas digestivos y carencias de algunos nutrientes y minerales, el gato suele encontrarse mal con la alimentación que recibe. Desgraciadamente los gatos que viven con nosotros no pueden elegir su comida, están limitados a lo que nosotros les damos, cosa que los gatos en libertad no sufren. Los casos en los que he trabajado coinciden siempre en que los gatos están comiendo piensos de gama muy baja (de supermercado), a veces comen sólo una vez o dos al día, muy insuficiente para un gato, y en ocasiones se les está cambiando constantemente de alimentación, con lo cual se generan problemas digestivos, diarreas o estreñimiento. Este problema puede ir unido a otro síntoma como que el gato haga sus defecaciones fuera de la bandeja. No es en sí un problema de comportamiento aunque pueda parecerlo, aunque evidentemente el gato sufre de ansiedad, no se corrige con ansiolíticos.

Es importante estudiar la alimentación que estamos dando a nuestro gato, así como los factores ambientales que pueden estar aféctandole, tanto problemas personales nuestros, como carencias en su entorno para el desarrollo de sus actividades felinas.

Si tenemos gatos con este problema, lo primero que recomiendo es regular su sistema digestivo con un pienso natural, o especial alto en fibra, o mejor aún alimentación cruda, al menos por un tiempo hasta estabilizarlo, y o bien mantenerle ese alimento de por vida, o pasarlo más adelante a una alimentación mejor.

Además, mejorar el enriquecimiento ambiental del gato si éste es insuficiente, con elementos necesarios para que desarrolle sus actividades, como rascadores altos, juguetes para incentivar la caza, juegos interactivos, dedicarles tiempo cada día (Leer La actividad de los gatos como prevención de problemas de comportamiento). Y si nosotros también sentimos que tenemos ansiedad, estrés, o estamos pasando por una situación personal complicada, pongamos remedio para encontrarnos mejor, pues el gato, como digo siempre, es un reflejo nuestro, y muchas veces somatiza problemas que se originaron realmente en nosotros, por tanto desaparecerán cuando nos demos cuenta y nos responsabilicemos de lo que es nuestro, poniéndonos a trabajarlo en nosotros mismos.


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